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About Us

Healable  is a communications and collaboration platform that allows health care providers to communicate with patients via secure and private video consults, text messaging and group messaging. It also allows health care providers to co-ordinate care by allowing them to communicate with each other and to privately discuss patient cases and share relevant patient records. Patients can use this same platform to create online support groups to support and network with other patients with similar health conditions.


Patient Networks

Allows patients and caregivers to find support from others who are  facing similar health issues

Share experiences with each other

Find valuable information such as treatment and therapy plans, success stories, feedback on Providers

Seek help from peers

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Doctor - Patient Networks

Allows providers to communicate with patients via instant messaging

Facilitates care coordination by allowing different healthcare providers and caregivers to communicate easily and share medical reports and treatment plans with each other

Healable for Healthcare seekers

See a doctor anytime, anywhere

Share your medical reports easily with all your providers and caregivers

Access information on new treatment options and the latest studies in the field

Find a doctor who specializes in caring for patients just like you

Avoid long waiting lines in physician’s office

Save costs by not having to take time off work to see your physicians

Connect with your physician and caregivers in the same call

Meet other patients facing similar problems and share experiences

Healable for Healthcare Providers

Connect with other providers globally

Improve patient engagement

Refer cases to specialists worldwide to seek their advice

Provide advice to colleagues on their cases

Coordinate patient care with other providers regardless of their location

Provide services at your convenience rather than just during office hours

Eliminate patient no-shows and get paid for services provided after hours


Healthcare Provider Networks

Connect and network with other doctors and healthcare providers worldwide

Allows providers to refer cases to specialists worldwide to seek their advice

Specialists can share their advice with other healthcare providers

Upload and share images of X-rays or other scans along with the cases

Share information on upcoming conference and medical research

Organization Pages for Medical Associations, Practices and Hospitals

Create your own Practice/Organization page

Invite members to follow the page

Broadcast video and text messages

Keep their members engaged

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