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Healing is a journey, let's walk together

Connect. Consult. Heal.


What is Healable?

Feeling blue and disconnected due to mental health issues is no walk in the park. Sure, sharing your struggles with a supportive community can make you feel like you're not alone, but what if it means sacrificing your privacy? No worries, Healable™ has got you covered! Not only is it a safe haven for patients, but also for doctors. With its HIPAA-compliant platform, doctors can network, team up, and discuss patient cases with other experts around the globe without compromising confidentiality. At Healable™, we believe that no one should be left to suffer in silence and that the road to recovery is paved with collaboration and connection. Let us guide you on this journey and add a dash of FUN to your dysFUNctional!

Doctors & Healthcare Providers Connections

Medical professionals from around the world can share experiences, discuss treatment options, and collaborate on groundbreaking research. Our secure platform provisions to add and message other doctors, creating a network of trusted colleagues who share a passion for healthcare.

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Patient - Seeker Connections

Find a listening ear to share your success stories with like-minded individuals who understand what you're going through. Get access to valuable resources and support from licensed doctors and medical professionals to help you in your journey towards wellness. 



Looking for in-depth, well-researched articles on mental health disorders? Look no further than our collection of expertly-crafted pieces, covering a wide range of topics from anxiety and depression to PTSD and OCD. Dive into the latest research and treatments, explore personal stories of triumph and resilience, and gain a deeper understanding of these complex conditions. With our library of informative and engaging content, you'll be empowered to take charge of your mental health journey.

Our Privacy Policy

The platform provides secure data sharing, including artificial intelligence-based PII detection and smart options to mask patient identities. Confidentiality is a priority so you can focus on getting the care and support you need without worrying about your personal information being compromised.

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"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely."  -Yung Pueblo


Contact Us

Healable Inc.

155 Gibbs Street, Suite 531

Rockville, MD 20850

Call us:  +1240-292-0231


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