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The Dark Side of Technology: How Mobile Phones Impact Mental Health

Updated: May 26, 2023

Digital break-up is a must for a healthy life

While surfing the web might make you smile, if you are racking up hours staring at your screen, BEWARE! Frequently holding onto your mobile devices could negatively affect your psychological well-being.

A recent study put forth by the University of Arizona confirms significant signs of depression among teens who were addicted to their screens. Not only does overuse of screen time affect one’s sleep patterns, but it also leads to anxiety and stress.

Cell phones are a new mainstay in our lives today. Virtual encroachment via digital space has replaced every aspect of physical presence. Be it a professional meetup or a domestic purchase, a friend living a few blocks away prefers WhatsApp in the name of convenience. In addition, the pandemic has introduced many provisions, from telehealth visits to ordering groceries.

The lack of movement has gifted us a routine filled with lethargy. Online calls and videos have swapped places with real friends. Moreover, the harmful blue radiation zaps into the retina and gives rise to ophthalmic issues.

To dive a little deeper, let’s witness the marital bond between cell phones and mental health.

Anxiety: If the notification sounds on your phone leave you restless until you check it, if you experience withdrawal-like symptoms because you can't withstand the short separation from your mobile, then you are facing intense anxiety for sure. It’s time to start practicing self-control and setting limits to your screen usage, my friend.

DEPRESSION: Research suggests rising depression and suicide cases due to increased mobile usage. The happiness quotient is going down, probably because of the highly competitive yet fake social media race. It is imperative to create a balance between digital and personal space for the sake of peace and happiness.

LACK OF FOCUS: Unnecessary overuse of gadgets is known to impact one's focus and concentration span. Blue light radiation not only affects the eyes but also leads to partial brain fog.

STRESS: The habit of checking your phone now and then can lead to discord among your friends and family. Placing all your attention on your gadget while at a dinner or a party is not only annoying but also disrespectful toward the people sitting across. This might not only create stress in relationships but would possibly deteriorate your mental health too.

To conclude, all we know is excess of anything is bad. For our well-being, we need to enforce a line of moderation between our personal and digital space. Connect with the world outside, Consult with your inner self, and feel the power to Heal yourself.

Keep reading for tips to know HOW!

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